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"Lisa was able to compile data in new and meaningful ways..."

Lisa Dunn served as Treasurer on the MidValley Pop Warner Football Board for years and was a valuable member of the management team. In the past we have had competent and capable Treasurers, but Lisa was able to take data and compile it in new and meaningful ways to help drive business decisions. Lisa was able to show us in a language non-finance people could understand. She outlined and implemented strategies to strengthen our financial standing in terms of cash reserves, profitability models, risk management, etc..

Lisa required that we run our organization like a business and make financial decisions that ensure future success, a point often lost in the non-profit sector. We would have been lost without her.

- Ronda Marlega
  Program Director
  MidValley Pop Warner

"I recommend Lisa..."

Lisa Dunn of Planning for Profit compiled vital market data that my client and I needed for a business plan. This kind of research is often under valued. Lisa provided a thorough view of the industry including market trends and income & expense information. From this information we were able to build financial models with a basis in reality. I recommend Lisa and Planning for Profit for your market research needs.

- Jackie Shaw
  Get Organized!
  (541) 231-5115

client testimonials recommending Lisa Dunn for her financial expertise in helping businesses and organizations increase profits

"Lisa would definitely be my first choice in seeking answers to any financial matters..."

I have known Lisa Dunn for several years through various youth sports programs. When I later became League President for MidValley Pop Warner, in my search for the best qualified board members, I turned to Lisa. She accepted the position and I was extremely pleased with her decision to serve with me on the board. I had worked with two exceptional League Treasurer's in previous years and Lisa exceeded my expectations.

MidValley Pop Warner registers about 1800 players every year and has an annual budget of over $250K/year. Lisa handled all financial matters for our organization. The past few years MidValley went through some growing pains and without Lisa's support the league would have failed. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of finance allowed us to make presentations and come up with solutions that satisfied 8 different communities served by MidValley Pop Warner.

The only thing more amazing than Lisa's financial skills is her ability to present the data in a way that is understood by people of many different backgrounds. I believe that anyone working with Lisa will be able to easily and quickly recognize her value to any organization. She is very thorough and is a perfectionist when it comes to her duties. Lisa would definitely be my first choice in seeking answers to any financial matters that I may encounter.

- JD Hankins
  New Product Introduction Plastics Engineer
  (541) 760-4205