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Planning for Profit
specializes in increasing your company's profits.

Lisa Dunn provides financial analysis and planning for small businesses and non-profits. Businesses make better operational decisions when they have realistic financial plans. Lisa will create tools, analyze financial data, and provide insights into operations that allow management to implement cost savings and profit generating opportunities.


A budget is a financial document, which projects revenues and expenses for all the business

What is it?

A plan for how to spend money.

Why is it needed?

Budgets allow companies to understand financial needs, prioritize projects, and develop spending limits. Budgets also help to control costs by clearly showing where money is spent, which allows business owners to make changes to save money.

How can Planning for Profit help?

Planning for Profit can help with long and short range planning. Lisa Dunn analyzes variances and trends to determine appropriate targets. Budgets will focus on baseline performance and then assess key initiatives needs and opportunities.


Competitive analysis is an assessment of the competitive environment and economic conditions encompassing financial comparisons and strategy predictions for the competition.

What is it?

Assessment of competitive environment.

Why is it needed?

Competitive analysis allows companies to understand their strengths and weaknesses in the market.

How can Planning for Profit help?

Planning for Profit will provide operating expense and revenue details for comparison to your income statement. Lisa Dunn will analyze all of the financial information incorporating business, industry and economic conditions. She will research the market and provide observations and suggestions. Analysis will incorporate working knowledge of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow statement principle.


Question mark puzzle: Forecasting estimates the financial future of the business or project.

What is it?

A projection of current and projected financial performance

Why is it needed?

Forecasts allow companies to make changes to operation by reallocating time and money among projects and products to maximize profits.

How can Planning for Profit help?

Planning for Profit will analyze business performance using qualitative and quantitative methods. Lisa Dunn is skilled in spreadsheet modeling and identifying trends. She will test current financial models and develop and implement new tools as needed. Recommendations will be made to management regarding cost saving or profit generating opportunities.


Graph representing increasing profits. Financial analysis, the study of financial data to generate stable and profitable new initiatives and develop modifications to existing programs and the overall business to maximize profits.

What is it?

Research to understand stability and profitability of new initiatives, modifications to existing programs, and the overall business.

Why is it needed?

This allows companies to understand the effectiveness of the business or initiative.

How can Planning for Profit help?

Planning for Profit will facilitate strategic and operational decision making. Lisa Dunn is highly proficient in developing new ways to structure data to drive business decisions for sustainable profitable growth. She can compile, analyze and interpret complex financial data. Analysis will be converted into meaningful memos, which simplify complex issues.